Children in Khartoum, Sudan (Photo: Arsenie Coseac)


In Africa, designated postal operators are emerging as innovators and engines of development. They face tremendous challenges. Due to a widespread lack of infrastructure, the average African post office serves an area nearly eight times the global average, but with scarce resources; home delivery rates remain low. Many countries also lack effective postal market regulations and enforcement capabilities.

During the current work cycle under the Doha Postal Strategy, two priorities for Africa are at the forefront: improving quality of service, both internationally and domestically, while promoting the use of the UPU’s Quality of Service Fund; and stimulating the growth of designated operators through e-commerce development.

Designated operators are working to implement projects linked to these and other priorities with various stakeholders, including restricted unions. In so doing, they are striving to become increasingly efficient and technology-enhanced enterprises serving as vectors of regional growth.