Supply chain and e-commerce top for Asia-Pacific

02.09.2015 - Improved efficiency of the end-to-end postal supply chain and e-commerce development have emerged as top priorities for Asia-Pacific for future postal services at the regional strategy conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Postal worker in Asia-Pacific region

Other priorities were identified as financial services, postal sector development, and the diversification of products and services.

The two-day conference brought together representatives from 28 nations from the region and was organized by the Asia Pacific Postal Union.

Speakers highlighted a number of challenges facing postal operators in the region, ranging from the fast pace of e-commerce development to major disparities in economic development within the region.

Asia-Pacific includes 13 least developed countries, 20 developing countries, and three industrialized countries.

Regional priorities

For their top areas of intervention, Asia-Pacific nations chose developing e-commerce and improving operational efficiencies along the entire postal supply chain, including transport, security and customs, among others.

Secondary areas of intervention singled out by delegates included the development of postal financial services to foster financial inclusion.

Global themes

This was the fourth of seven regional conferences being held in all world regions, a series of high-level meetings meant to shape the World Postal Strategy for the 2017-2020 work cycle. This roadmap for global postal services will be signed off at the UPU Congress next year in Istanbul, Turkey.

The outcomes of the Bangkok conference echo those of other world regions. Strategy conferences in Africa, Latin America, and Europe and the CIS have all highlighted operational efficiency and e-commerce as priority areas for development.

The next regional conference, bringing together delegates from the Arab region, is scheduled to take place this month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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