Innovation, Inclusion, Integration

These three values, which define postal services, form an overarching theme for the discussions at the UPU's World and Regional Strategy Conferences in 2015.

Since their beginning, postal services have shown a capacity to innovate to remain relevant as important changes modify and shape the communication landscape. Delegates will explore the role of innovation as postal services adopt new business models, look to new technologies to modernize operations, and develop modern products and services to meet consumers’ and businesses’ evolving communication needs.

Discussions at the conferences revolve around how the postal network continues to facilitate people’s inclusion into economic, social and financial systems, especially the most vulnerable.

Posts do not discriminate. People from all walks of life can enter a post office for their communication needs, obtain social and government services or, in many countries, open a basic savings account and perform money transfers.

Finally, attention is being given to how postal-sector stakeholders can share knowledge and work together to ensure a seamless integration of the processes and activities that enable postal networks to deliver good and affordable communication services toall.